Are you a Boomer who is still growing or just getting old?

I have a friend who decided to change her name when she became an adult. At the time I wondered why she would go through all the hassle of doing that, especially since her old name was not so bad. But she said she had always hated it, and it just didn’t reflect who she was.

What’s in a name?

All these years later, I get it. A name is more than just a moniker. A name can tell the world who you are. This is especially so when it comes to the name of a business, or a blog. And SuddenlySenior just wasn’t cutting it for me.

Or I should say for us, because this blog is all about our whole generation, we Baby Boomers. I think the new name of my blog — Bada Boomer — is much less stodgy and more accurately reflects the attitude of our generation, regardless of what stage of life we are in.

Booming through life

Being a Baby Boomer has always meant questioning the status quo. Perhaps it all began when one of our parents asked us to do something and we asked why. Their universal reply, “Because I said so that’s why,” usually didn’t shut us up, but rather started a string of more “yeah but why” questions, a little game that could go on indefinitely, or until we got “that look.”

It pretty much has gone that way all through the decades of our lives, from questioning a war that seemed unnecessary, to a woman’s role in the workplace, to established rules for educating our children, to racial and cultural views that never did serve us and never will. And now it is time to question the attitudes previous generations have had toward aging — which is that getting old means exiting the stage.

Ah, no. We Boomers won’t be getting off the stage anytime soon, thank you very much. As long as we’re alive, we will be fully present, fully engaged, and pursuing new dreams and goals. We will continue to be always changing, always growing.

I love that Bright Line Eating includes so many in our age group. It tells me that there are a whole lot of us who are saying no to others’ ideas of what it means to grow old in a physical body that may not look as Wowsa as it once did, but could still look pretty good if we work at it a little. As so many of us are discovering, if we take good care of ourselves physically, we begin healing from the inside too. The benefits mentally and emotionally are enormous.

Saying no to frumpy

Take the notion that gaining weight is just part of aging. That it’s best to simply accept it and just start hanging out in sweatpants, eat your heart out and enjoy it. Ah, (once again) no. For one, that behavior leads to lethargy and depression. And just one candid photo of you in such a get-up is enough to send you back to bed, hiding under the covers for the rest of your life.

Plus, it is just not true that getting fat and frumpy is part of aging. Getting fat and frumpy is a by-product of eating the way you used to be able to eat and get away with in your twenties, and that won’t work anymore. That is true. As you age your metabolism slows, so it may take you longer than your younger friends to release the weight. That is also true. I used to be able to lose 10 lbs easily in a month. At 62, it took me twice that long.

But it can be done, and I am living proof that it can be done. So are hundreds of Boomers in Bright Line Eating. It takes persistence and diligence. It takes believing in yourself and wanting to be your best and feel your best as you age.

The payoff

This is a time for taking extra good care of ourselves, not pretending like we don’t matter.

The payoff is not only being back into trendy clothing that doesn’t pinch and isn’t designed to merely hide rolls of fat, but also to feel light and free enough to take part in activities you enjoy, such as bike riding, hiking, or even mountain climbing, if that’s your thing (not mine, thank you very much, but if it’s yours, you can go for it). Your blood work is also likely to improve, and your doctor just may tell you that you are doing great and prolonging your life with your new healthy habits.

Perhaps best of all, you’ll feel excited about life again when you take off the weight that is weighing you down. And feeling a vibrancy for life is what our generation has always been all about. Bada bing, bada Boomer.

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