Forming New Habits and Practices

Meditation the second time around

Do you ever find that sometimes things don’t “take” the first time around? I  am thinking it will be that way with me and meditating.

Are your car keys always misplaced because your pants don’t fit?

Ever consider that the mess on your desk and the fact that your...

Addicted to Addiction

Might as well admit it, I’m addicted to… fill in the blank. At various times throughout my life, I’ve struggled with alcohol, mindless...

Losing and Maintaining Weight

How I got happy, thin and free following BLE and a WFPB diet

From the time I first learned that the food on our table came from animals, I wanted to quit eating it. But I was only, and living during that period...

Life is like a box of yo-yos

I was a big proponent of reinventing myself long before it became a fashionable aim in all the women’s magazines.

Learning the steps to standing still

Boomers must be the most experienced generation of dieters in history. I may be mistaken but I don't believe our grandparents or parents embarked on all the...

Being a Boomer

Boomers (still) just want to have fun

Accusing a Boomer of being “no fun” is practically the most offensive thing you could say to us (the worst is to call us old).

A very bug-like phase of life

Remember the short story Metamorphosis and the cockroach?

Can you find the Boomer in this picture?

I feel sort of like Waldo these days—hidden in the crowd. Except no one is looking for me anymore.

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